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Taketomi N, Konno Y, Chang YT, Emura T*
A meta-analysis for simultaneously estimating individual means with shrinkage, isotonic regression and pretests
Axioms 10(4):267
Kanda M, Shimizu, Miyata K, Maeda O, Tanaka C, Inokawa Y, Hattori N, Hayashi M, Ando M, Kuwatsuka Y, Murotani K, Nakayama G, Koike M, Ando Y, Ebata T, Kodera Y
Neoadjuvant docetaxel, oxaliplatin plus S-1 for treating clinical stage III squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus: Study protocol of an open-label phase II trial
Contemp Clin Trials Commun.
2021; 24: 100853
王尹辰, 江村剛志
日本統計研究所所報, 54(統計的モデリング), 18-39
左切断・右打ち切りのあるフィールド寿命データ解析 ~ パラメトリックモデルに基づく統計的推論と信頼性の予測 ~
信学技報121(No.216), R2021-31, 7-12.
杉村 彰悟, 福田 健一郎, 小鳥居 望, 室谷 健太, 小鳥居 湛
2021; 40(5): 591-597
角 明香里, 柴田 賢三, 亀井 浩行, 室谷 健太, 坂巻 弘之, 半谷 眞七子
2021; 13(2): 126-137.
Ishida Y, Maeda K, Yamanaka Y, Matsuyama R, Kato R, Yamaguchi M, Nonogaki T, Shimizu A, Ueshima J, Murotani K, Mori N
Addendum: Formula for the Cross-Sectional Area of the Muscles of the Third Lumbar Vertebra Level from the Twelfth Thoracic Vertebra Level Slice on Computed Tomography. Geriatrics 2020,5,47
Geriatrics (Basel)
2021; 6(2): 56
山田 和正, 野澤 幸江, 林 裕美, 室谷 健太
2021; 22(3) 111-121
野澤 幸江, 林 裕美, 山田 和正, 室谷 健太
2021; 22(3) 99-110
Shimizu A, Fujishima I, Maeda K, Murotani K, Ohno, Nomoto A, Nagami S, Nagano A, Sato K, Ueshima J, Inoue T, Shimizu M, Ishida Y, Kayashita J, Suenaga M, Mori N
Delayed Dysphagia May Be Sarcopenic Dysphagia in Patients After Stroke
J Am Med Dir Assoc
2021; 22(12): 2527-2533
Sasajima H, Tsuboi K, Kiyosawa R, Fukutomi A, Murotani K, Kamei M
Smooth borders between inner nuclear layer and outer plexiform layer predict fewer macular edema recurrences in branch retinal vein occlusion
Sci Rep
2021; 11(1): 15987
Shimizu A, Fujishima I, Maeda K, Murotani K, Inoue T, Ohno T, Nomoto A, Ueshima J, Ishida Y, Nagano A, Kayashita J, Mori N
Accuracy of the Simplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire for Malnutrition and Sarcopenia Screening among Older Patients Requiring Rehabilitation
2021; 13(8): 2738
Masuo Y, Haruta M, Ishibashi Y, Ishibashi K, Fukushima K, Kato N, Murotani K, Yoshida S
Visual Outcomes and Prognostic Factors of Large Submacular Hemorrhages Secondary to Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
Clin Opthalmol
2021; 15: 3357-3562
Ueshima J, Maeda K, Shimizu A, Inoue T, Murotani K, Mori N, Satake S, Matsui Y, Arai H
Diagnostic accuracy of sarcopenia by "possible sarcopenia" premiered by the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia 2019 definition.
Arch Gerontol Geriatr
2021; 97: 104484
Shimizu A, Fujishima I, Maeda K, Murotani K, Kayashita J, Ohno T, Nomoto A, Ueshima J, Ishida Y, Inoue T, Mori N
Texture-Modified Diets Are Associated With Poor Appetite in Older Adults Who Are Admitted to a Post-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital
J Am Med Dir Assoc
2021; 22(9): 1960-1965
Tanaka N, Yabe D, Murotani K, Yamaguchi, Fujita Y, Kubota S, Nakashima R, Okamoto S, Ueno S, Yamazaki Y, Kuwata H, Watanabe K, Hyo T, Hamamoto Y, Kurose T, Yamada Y, Seino Y
Effects of physician’s diabetes self-management education using JADEC Diabetes Education Card System Program and SMBG readings analyzer in individuals with type 2 diabetes: An exploratory, open-labeled, prospective randomized clinical trial
J Diabetes Investig
2021; 12(12): 2221-2231
Ito S, Kanda M, Mochizuki Y, Teramoto H, Ishigure K, Murai T, Asada T, Ishiyama A, Matsushita H, Tanaka C, Kobayashi D, Fujiwara M, Murotani K, Kodera Y
Efficacy of Splenectomy for Proximal Gastric Cancer with Greater Curvature Invasion or Type 4 Tumor: a Propensity Score Analysis of a Multi-Institutional Dataset
World J Surg
2021; 45(9): 2840-2848
Kuwata H, Yabe D, Murotani K, Fujiwara Y, Haraguchi T, Kubota S, Kubota-Okamoto S, Usui R, Ishitobi M, Yamazaki Y, Hamamoto Y, Kurose T, Seino Y, Yamada Y, Seino Y
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists on secretions of insulin and glucagon and gastric emptying in Japanese individuals with type 2 diabetes: A prospective, observational study
J Diabetes Investig
2021; 12(12): 2162-2171
Hoshino T, Sasanabe R, Murotani K, Hori R, Mano M, Nomura A, Konishi N, Baku M, Nishio Y, Kato C, Kuczynski W, Shiomi T
Estimated respiratory arousal threshold in patients with rapid eye movement obstructive sleep apnea
Sleep Breath
2021 doi: 10.1007/s11325-021-02399-9
Osaki K, Morishige S, Nakamura T, Takagi Y, Yamasaki Y, Oya S, Yamaguchi M, Egashira K, Imai T, Hazama T, Murotani K, Aoyama K, Mouri F, Nagafuji K
Safety and efficacy of outpatient-based administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in collection of allogeneic peripheral blood stem cells: 10 years of single-center experience in 86 donors
Journal of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
2021; 10(3): 129-135
Fujita K, Suzukamo Y, Murotani K, Jinno A, Kamei M
Impact of low luminance conditions on quality of life for the visually impaired: development of the Low Luminance Questionnaire Japanese version
Jpn J Ophthalmol
2021; 65(4): 554-560
Ito K, Morise M, Wakuda K, Hataji O, Shimokawaji T, Takashi K, Furuya N, Takeyama Y, Goto Y, Abe T, Kato T, Ozone S, Ikeda S, Kogure Y, Yokoyama T, Kimura M, Yoshioka H, Murotani K, Kondo M, Saka H
A multicenter cohort study of osimertinib compared with afatinib as first-line treatment for EGFR-mutated non-small-cell lung cancer from practical dataset: CJLSG1903
2021; 6(3) 100115
Iwami K, Fujii M, Nishio N, Maruo T, Yoshida T, Mukoyama N, Osuka K, Takanari K, Murotani K, Kamei Y, Sone M, Fujimoto Y, Saito K
Surgical classification of radical temporal bone resection and transcranial tympanotomy: a retrospective study from the neurosurgical perspective
World Neurosurg
2021; 151: e192-e207
Saito T, Murotani K, Yamaguchi K, Toya R, Tomitaka E, Watakabe T, Oya N
Influence of pain duration on pain outcomes following palliative radiotherapy for painful tumors: the sooner the irradiation, the better?
Strahlenther Oncol
2021; 197(10): 916-925
Maeda K, Murotani K, Komoshita S, Horikoshi Y, Kuroda A
Nutritional management in inpatients with aspiration pneumonia: a cohort medical claims database study
Arch Gerontol Geriatr
2021; 95: 104398
Nakahara Y, Matsutani T, Igarashi Y, Matsuo N, Himuro H, Saito H, Yamada K, Murotani K, Hoshino T, Azuma K, Sasada T
Clinical signiicance of peripheral TCR and BCR repertoire diversity in EGFR/ALK wild-type NSCLC treated with anti-PD-1 antibody
Cancer Immunol Immunother
2021; 70(10): 2881-2892
Nabeta M, Murotani K, Kannae M, Tashiro K, Hirayu N, Morita T, Uzu H, Takasu O
Comparison of physician-staffed helicopter with ground-based emergency medical services for trauma patients
Am J Emerg Med
2021; 45: 75-79
2021; 27(3): 130-139
Imafuku S, Kanai Y, Murotani K, Nomura T, Ito K, Ohata C, Yamazaki F, Miyagi T, Takahashi H, Okubo Y, Saeki H, Honma M, Tada Y, Mabuchi T, Higashiyama M, Kobayashi S, Hashimoto Y, Seishima M, Kakuma T
Utility of the Dermatology Life Quality Index at initiation or switching of biologics in real-life Japanese patients with plaque psoriasis: results from the ProLOGUE study
J Dermatol Sci
2021; 101(3): 185-193
Inoue T, Maeda K, Nagano A, Shimizu A, Junko U, Murotani K, Sato K, Hotta K, Morishita S, Tsubaki A
Related Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Osteosarcopenia: A Narrative Review
2021; 13(2): 291
Saji N, Murotani K, Hisada T, Tsuduki T, Sugimoto T, Kimura A, Niida S, Toba K, Sakurai T
The association between cerebral small vessel disease and the gut microbiome: a cross-sectional analysis
J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis
2021; 30(3): 105568
Saito T, Iwamoto S, Murotani K, Hashimoto A, Kurahashi S, Fukami Y, Komatsu S, Kaneko K, Mishima H, Sano T
Efficacy of celcoxib as preemptive analgesia for patients undergoing laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: a randomized trial
Surg Today
2021; 51(7): 1118-1125
Nakayama G, Takano N, Taniguchi H, Ishigure K, Yokoyama H, Teramoto H, Hashimoto R, Sakai M, Ishiyama A, Kinoshita T, Hayashi N, Nakamura M, Hattori N, Sato Y, Umeda S, Uehara K, Aiba T, Sonohara F, Hayashi M, Kanda M, Kobayashi D, Tanaka C, Yamada S, Koike M, Fujiwara M, Murotani K, Ando M, Ando Y, Muro K, Kodera Y
Randomised phase II trial of capecitabine plus oxaliplatin with continuous versus intermittent use of oxaliplatin as adjuvant chemotherapy for stage II/III colon cancer (CCOG-1302 study)
Eur J Cancer
2021; 144: 61-71
Umeda S, Kanda M, Nakanishi K, Ito S, Mochizuki Y, Teramoto H, Ishigure K, Murai T, Asada T, Ishiyama A, Matsushita H, Shimizu D, Kobayashi D, Tanaka C, Fujiwara M, Murotani K, Kodera Y
Short-term outcomes of gastrectomy after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for clinical stage III gastric cancer: propensity score-matched analysis of a multi-institutional database
Surg Today
2021; 51(5): 821-828
Saji N, Makizako H, Suzuki H, Nakai Y, Tabira T, Obuchi S, Kawai H, Murotani K, Katayama N, Toba K, Uchida Y, Nakashima T
Hearing Impairment is associated with cognitive function in community-dwelling older adults: a cross-sectional study
Arch Gerontol Geriatr
2021; 93: 104302
Ueno H, Ishiguro M, Nakatani E, Ishikawa T, Uetake H, Murotani K, Matsui S, Teramukai S, Sugai T, Ajioka Y, Maruo H, Kotaka M, Tsujie M, Munemoto Y, Yamaguchi T, Kuroda H, Fukunaga M, TomitaN, Sugihara K
Prognostic value of desmoplastic reaction characterization in stage II colon cancer: Prospective validation in a phase III study (SACURA trial)
Br J Cancer
2021; 124(6): 1088-1097
Shimizu A, Maeda K, Nagami S, Nagano A, Yamada Y, Shimizu M, Ishida Y, Kayashita J, Fujishima I, Mori N, Murotani K, Suenaga M
Low tongue strength is associated with oral and coughrelated abnormalities in older inpatients
2021; 83: 111062
Inoue T, Maeda K, Shimizu A, Nagano A, Ueshima J, Sato K, Murotani K
Calf circumference value for sarcopenia screening among older adults with stroke
Arch Gerontol Geriatr
2021; 93: 104290
Sato K, Maeda K, Ogawa T, Shimizu A, Nagami S, Nagano A, Murotani K, Inoue T, Suenaga M
The functional assessment for control of trunk: an assessment tool for trunk function in stroke patients NeuroRehabilitation
2021; 48(1): 59-66
Kamiya H, Shibata Y, Himeno T, Tani H, Nakayama T, Murotani K, Hirai N, Kawai M, Asada-Yamada Y, Asano-Hayami E, Nakai-Shimoda H, Yamada Y, Ishikawa T, Morishita Y, Kondo M, Tsunekawa S, Kato Y, Baba M, Nakamura J
A point-of-care nerve conduction device predicts the severity of diabetic polyneuropathy: a quantitative but easy-to-use prediction model.
J Diabetes Investig
2021; 12(4): 583-591
Takeuchi Y, Etoh T, Ohyama T, Suzuki K, Hiratsuka T, Ishio T, Shigemitsu Y, Inomata M
Surgical outcomes of totally extraperitoneal repair for inguinal hernia: A retrospective multi-center propensity score-matched study
Annals of Gastroenterological Surgery
5:502-509, 2021
Emura T*, Sofeu C, Rondeau V
Conditional copula models for correlated survival endpoints: individual patient data meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 30(12):2634-2650
Lin WC, Emura T, Sun LH*
Estimation under copula-based Markov normal mixture models for serially correlated data
Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 50(12):4483-4515
Emura T*, Ha ID
Special feature: Recent statistical methods for survival analysis
Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science, 4(2):889–894
Emura T*, Hsu WC, Chou WC
A survival tree based on stabilized score tests for high-dimensional covariates
Journal of Applied Statistics
コピュラ・マルコフ連鎖モデルによる定常時系列解析 ―パラメトリック推定と統計的工程管理―
日本統計学会誌 第51巻;第1号:41頁∼73頁
Huang XW, Emura T*
Model diagnostic procedures for copula-based Markov chain models for statistical process control
Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 50(8): 2345-2367
Shih JH, Konno Y, Chang YT, Emura T*
A class of general pretest estimators for the univariate normal mean
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
Shih JH, Emura T*
Penalized Cox regression with a five-parameter spline model
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 50(16):3749–3768
Furukawa K, Ohyama T.
The Bayesian approach to evidence-based decision making.
Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences
28(6):457-460, 2021
Hayashi T, Furukawa K, Morishita Y, Hayashi I, Kato N, Yoshida K, Kusunoki Y, Kyoizumi S, Ohishi W.
Intracellular reactive oxygen species level in blood cells of atomic bomb survivors is increased due to aging and radiation exposure
Free Radical Biology and Medicine
171 DOI: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2021.05.017 2021
Yamada M, Furukawa K, Tatsukawa Y, Marumo K, Funamoto S, Sakata R, Ozasa K, Cullings HM, Preston DL, Kurttio P.
RE: “Invited commentary: Ionizing Radiation and Future Reproductive Health; Old Cohorts Still Deserve Attention”
American Journal of Epidemiology
DOI: 10.1093/aje/kwab157 2021
Yamada M, Furukawa K, Tatsukawa Y, Marumo K, Funamoto S, Sakata R, Ozasa K, Cullings HM, Preston DL, Kurttio P.
Congenital Malformations and Perinatal Deaths among the Children of Atomic Bomb Survivors: A Reappraisal
American Journal of Epidemiology
DOI:10.1093/aje/kwab099 2021
Kadowaki Y, Hamada N, Kai M, Furukawa K.
Evaluation of the lifetime brain/central nervous system cancer risk associated with childhood head CT scanning in Japan
International Journal of Cancer
148(10):2429-2439, 2021
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Multivariate failure time distributions derived from shared frailty and copulas
Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science, 4(2):1105–1131
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A copula-based Markov chain model for serially dependent event times with a dependent terminal event
Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science, 4(2):917–951
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Likelihood-based analysis of doubly-truncated data under the location-scale and AFT model
Computational Statistics 36(1):375-408
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On the copula correlation ratio and its generalization
Journal of Multivariate Analysis 182: 104708
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A joint frailty-copula model for meta-analytic validation of failure time surrogate endpoints in clinical trials,
Biometrical Journal 63(2): 423-446
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Robust ridge M-estimators with pretest and Stein-rule shrinkage for an intercept term
Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science,4(1): 107-150
Ohyama T
Statistical inference of Gwet's AC1 coefficient for multiple raters and binary outcomes
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
50(15): 3564-3572, 2021
Ohta M, Seki Y, Ohyama T, Bai R, Kim SH, Oshiro T, Jiang T, Sasaki A, Naitoh T, Yamaguchi T, Inamine S, Miyazaki Y, Ahn SM, Heo Y, Liang H, Choi SH, Yang W, Yao Q, Inoue K, Yamamoto H, Lee HJ, Park YS, Ha TK, Ryu SW, Wang C, Park S, Kasama K
Prediction of Long-Term Diabetes Remission After Metabolic Surgery in Obese East Asian Patients: a Comparison Between ABCD and IMS Scores
Obesity Surgery
31: 1485-1495, 2021
Kurata M, Iwashita Y, Ohyama T, Endo I, Hibi T, Umezawa A, Suzuki K, Watanabe M, Asai K, Mori Y, Higashida M, Kumamoto Y, Shindoh J, Yoshida M, Honda G, Misawa T, Abe Y, Nagakawa Y, Toyota N, Yamada S, Norimizu S, Matsumura N, Sata N, Sunagawa H, Ito M, Takeda Y, Nakamura Y, Rikiyama T, Higuchi R, Gocho T, Ueno K, Kumagai Y, Kanaji S, Takada T, Yamamoto M
Assembling a library of typical surgery video clips to construct a system for assessing the surgical difficulty of laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences
28(3): 255-262. 2021
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